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Discussion channel for 42 USA students!


Talk amongst yourselves


Food! [redacted] posts updates about the Cantina in Nostromo.


This channel is for school-wide announcements. Be careful with @channel - it pings everyone's phone! Slack invite form: Private channel invites:


Definitely memes



We meet weekly in the multipurpose room on Fridays from 4pm - 6pm. And we host a monthly tournament which anyone can join through our website - <>


Vidya games discussion


Ballin' with no ball


Watch movies and stuff


Discussion channel for 42 USA students!


Discussion and questions about the Nostromo dorms.




Talk amongst yourselves


For the October Piscine 2017!



Starts at 8:42 AM, 26 June 2017.


April Piscine 2017 starts 3 April. Ends 28 April. Once you get your Intra login, please change your Slack username: Dorm: Check-in 2 April 9 AM - 3 PM. Check-out by 29 April noon.


Any plan to go out ? Share it !


the algorithms branch of the 42 curriculum


This is the backup method for the online check-in attendees to ask questions.


For all your buying, selling and trading needs within 42. Formerly known as <#C7NRJQ9L6|_bazaar>


Helping students coordinate to finding a room near the campus.


Use this channel to figure out who else needs a roommate and get your perfect match :) (please remove yourself from the channel once you've sorted it all out)


Yogging. Reference: <|> <|>


To discuss and ask questions about starfleet academy


This channel is for International students who are interested to come to 42 Silicon Valley. Here you can learn about CalCC and 42.


Please read the pinned items first! Feel free to help your peers. !visa


Post your lost-and-found announcements here!


Discussion and announcements for members of the January 2016 piscine!


the unix branch of the 42 first-year curriculum

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